Coming on October 20 – Bridging the Divide: Legislative lessons for policy making in polarized contexts

Societies across the globe are increasingly polarized and Parliaments are not the exception. However, legislators, as representatives of the people and of an institution that fundamentally involves debating and approving legislation, are in a better position to listen to each other and reach consensus that comprehensively and effectively address demands from the citizenry. 

How is it possible to reach legislative consensus on divisive issues while respecting differences among stakeholders? What are the best strategies for conducting inclusive and participatory debates in Parliaments? 

Join us on October 20 (8am Quito | 9am Washington DC | 10am Buenos Aires | 5pm Tbilisi | 8pm Jakarta) to learn from the experience of distinguished parliamentarians from different parts of the world, who will seek to address these and other questions and thus support parliaments to explore different opportunities that contribute to building consensus in the margins of the Global Legislative Openness Week – GLOW.

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