28 – 29 OCT | Women In Democracy And Governance (WIDAG) will hold a Forum about open parliament in kenya

On October 28th and 29th 2020 Women In Democracy And Governance (WIDAG) will hold a Forum for conversations between current legislatures, civil society and cabinet secretaries regarding how to transform the parliament into an interactive and transparent institution.

The central issue will be to think if the government is currently chosen (and working) by the people and for the people, and how can we make our legislature more democratic. The Forum will be a  celebration of open, participatory legislative processes in Kenya. It will also be an  opportunity for diverse stakeholders to collaborate and make progress toward adopting and implementing openness commitments. Last but not least, it will be an opportunity to highlight all the good work that has been done in this area in Kenya.

For further information, contact widag.kenya@gmail.com