The Open Parliament e-Network (OPeN)

The Open Parliament e-Network (OPeN) is a global consortium of international organizations. OPeN partners are dedicated to supporting legislatures in their efforts to modernize and strengthen transparency, public participation, ethical standards and accountability to their citizens. OPeN’s members have extensive track-records in promoting parliamentary openness both internationally and in support of national initiatives.

How we can help

OPeN can offer critical support both in terms of assisting legislatures to pursue efforts to improve openness, such as in co-creating Open Parliament initiatives with civil society, as well as supporting legislatures to engage with broader open government processes. We provide thematic and process related technical assistance and peer exchanges, in-person and remotely. Through this work, OPeN contributes to building awareness and interest, enhancing skills and tools, mobilizing support, facilitating collaboration between parliament and civil society, supporting co-creation processes, and assisting with the implementation of parliamentary initiatives.

To access a library of reference materials for practitioners of all levels and other tools in English, Spanish and French visit our resources section.